AeroSurvey, Inc. - Spectroscopic research and data collection services
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AeroSurvey® provides services related to the development and application of spectroscopic technologies, including infrared environmental air monitoring.

Since 1993, our work has spanned the spectrum from basic research to contract analytical services. We have worked in fields as diverse as agricultural and industrial process monitoring, biomedical sensor development, environmental analysis, and geophysical and atmospheric research.

We specialize in field-based projects involving remote sensing, industrial monitoring, and environmental applications of spectral sensors. We also maintain traditional laboratories capable of handling almost any solid, liquid, or gas material.

Our Services
  • Calibrations, performance evaluations, and demonstrations
    of spectroscopic instrumentation
  • Basic and applied research into the phenomenology
    of spectroscopic applications
  • Field data collection services in support of remote sensing
    projects, including:

Experimental design

Logistical planning and support

Custom experimental equipment to support field tests

Ground truth data collection

Sensor operation

Data analysis

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Tim Marshall
1110 N. Pegram
Alexandria, VA 22304
cell     785-556-2832
[email protected]
Charles Chaffin
4700 Tabor Valley Road
Manhattan, KS 66502
office  785-776-7745
cell     785-556-3636
[email protected]